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Book Review zur Lektüre "Harold and Maude" aus dem Englisch-Unterricht der Stufe 11
Stufe 11:
Diese Book Reviews zur Lektüre "Harold and Maude" wurden im Rahmen des Englisch-Unterrichtes der Stufe 11 verfasst:

by S. Christian Di Maggio
The book, "Harold and Maude", written in 1971 by Colin Higgins is an amusing but at the same time a serious and a philosophic one. When I first read the summary on the paperback cover, I thought that this book wouldn`t be worth the money. But I was wrong! Colin Higgins did create an unusaul lovestory which deals with love between young and old , immature and mature and one that is averse and one that loves life. These are absolute contrasts and the writer didnīt only cope to create a lovestory, but he did create a - for me - incredible lovestory, which isn't only about love.The book was written in a way that one doesn`t notice they were loving each other. I think the author did that on purpose, to make it more interesting for readers, who usually donīt like typical lovestories. Collectively I would say that it is a book for everyone, because if you are not interested in love, then you will be at least interested in a 20-year-old man-child who spends his time at funerals and commits fake suicides to make his mother display hysteric.
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by Asli Hekimoglu
(3 of 5 stars) My opinion about the book "Harold and Maude" is that it is a little bit difficult to understand,because of the difficult vocbulary.Sometimes I did not understand the sentences,because the language is very colloquial.I think the author exaggerated the story,because Harold a young man,falls in love with Maude,an eighty-year-old-woman.Or the suicide commitmens in front of his mother or in front of the Computer dating girls,that is not realistic.That all happens within a week.I think that is all to much for only one week.But the story is not an average story and thatis good .I think some scenes are very funny. The scenes with Harold and the uncle General Victor E. Ball in the McKindly park, who tells his wartime experience and how Harold behavior changes is very funny. Or the scene when Harold and Maude drove off , making an U-turn , in front of the policeman was funny , too. Altogether "Harold and Maude'" is a good and and interesting story.
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